Dyslexia Support Services Yorkshire

Support for ALL affected by Neurodiversity Challenges

Dyslexia Support Services Yorkshire


What is DSSY?

DSSY is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) which provides direct support to individuals, families, schools, colleges, universities, employees and employers in the field of neurodiversity.

It is a partnership of professionals and parents who deliver screening and assessment, advocacy, education, training, consultancy and projects to support those impacted by conditions such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Meares-Irlen and their associated issues.

Dyslexia Support Services Yorkshire


This year (2017) YADDA - York and District Dyslexia Association YADDA- celebrates its 10th Anniversary. YADDA has enabled a network of parents and professionals who share the vision of providing the practical support needed for those impacted by neurodiversity and to make this support accessible and affordable to all who need it.

DSSY has been formed to deliver this vision. DSSY and YADDA are therefore related, with DSSY providing the operational and business side of the vision while YADDA remains the charitable and befriending side.

Dyslexia Support Services Yorkshire


DSSY - Where It All Began

The idea for DSSY came from a coffee between two YADDA parents who could not believe the price they were being asked to pay to get assessment done for their children. They talked together about wanting things to be better. This 'better way' is the foundation of DSSY - Dyslexia Support Services Yorkshire. DSSY was created to provide Screening, Assessments and support to those who could not afford the fees other agencies were charging.

Together with the young people and adults on YADDA'S committee DSSY was set up. Within a period of a month, DSSY was rapidly growing and had exceeded expectations for how many people DSSY was going to support. In its pilot year the YADDA-DSSY partnership has supported over 250 enquirers.