Dyslexia Support in Scotland and Yorkshire

Support for ALL affected by Neurodiversity Challenges

Dyslexia Support in Scotland


Who Are We?

Our services in Scotland are provided by Lis Johnstone. Lis was the lead Partner in DSSY LLP and now lives in Kilmarnock.

We deliver screening and assessment, Work Based Assessments, advocacy, education, training, consultancy and projects to support those impacted by conditions such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, ADHD and their associated issues.

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Supporting the needs of Children, Young People, Families, Students, Employees and Employers Impacted by Neurodiversity Issues

Dyslexic Child

Neurodiversity is a concept where neurological differences are to be recognised and respected as any other human variation

These Differences can include those labelled with:

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Dyslexia Support in Scotland and Yorkshire - Our Legacy


DSSY - Where It All Began

The idea for DSSY came from a coffee between two YADDA parents who could not believe the price they were being asked to pay to get assessment done for their children. They talked together about wanting things to be better. This 'better way' is the foundation of DSSY - Dyslexia Support in Scotland and Yorkshire. DSSY was created to provide Screening, Assessments and support to those who could not afford the fees other agencies were charging.

Together with the young people and adults on YADDA'S committee DSSY was set up. Within a period of a month, DSSY was rapidly growing and had exceeded expectations for how many people DSSY was going to support. In its pilot year the YADDA-DSSY partnership has supported over 250 enquirers.

The original DSSY LLP Team faced a change when Lis and her husband relocated to East Ayrshire. Whilst Covid 19 initially prevented any Face to Face work, remote assessments via Video (such as Zoom) have become the norm. As a result DSSY LLP has chosen to revert to a collecton of professionals who trade in their own right.

YADDA still exists in York HERE on Facebook and Dyslexia Support in YORKSHIRE is still available via Dotty's Dyslexia